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Harrison Little League achieves fundraising milestone

The Harrison Little League has accomplished its goal in raising enough money for its first wave of improvements to the Brentwood Baseball Field.

According to Mike Connors, a member of the board of directors of the little league, the Harrison Recreation Department and little league have retroactively raised $50,000 for construction to the baseball field that was completed in May, and are now actively taking steps toward the next phase of upgrades.

“The support has been tremendous,” Connors told the Review, adding that the next step of the three separate improvement projects will consist of grading and leveling the field, and installing new sod for the entire outfield. “The first phase of improvements to the field was successful and we’re looking forward to the next phase.”

After reaching its goal in raising $50,000 for infield improvements, the Harrison Little League and town Recreation Department are taking steps towards its next phase of upgrades, asking for donations to fund the second phase of three projects. Photo courtesy Mike Connors

The new construction, which is planned for the fall, is likely to include replacing sprinkler heads in the outfield’s irrigation system as well.

As of press time, the little league hasn’t established a fundraising goal for its second phase of improvements, but it is already accepting donations toward the project.

The first phase of upgrades included a package of infield improvements such as a new pitcher’s mound, an up-to-date drainage plan, and installing new bases. As part of the $50,000 in updates, new sod and clay were installed to the infield, too.

Connors said that a maintenance contract has been established with John Bulfamante & Sons Landscaping, which completed the infield renovation, to maintain the quality of the field throughout the year.

Last season, flooding damaged the pitcher’s mound to the point where it was almost unplayable. According to Connors, to prevent that from happening again, the little league will need to regularly maintain the field.

In order to raise money for the rest of the improvements, the Recreation Department and little league will continue asking residents to purchase banners to be displayed at the field, which is located at 140 Webster Ave.

On top of the banner sponsorships, which cost $500, the league is also accepting regular donations to get started on its next step of construction.

Connors told the Review proceeds from the Andrew Gurgitano Memorial Golf Outing held on June 21 will also be donated to the Brentwood Field Renovation project to kick-start fundraising efforts.

Gurgitano, who played for the little league, died suddenly in 2014.

As of press time, there is no date set for the third wave of improvements to construct a new scorer’s booth, which would house the scoreboard’s controls and a new sound system. There is also no estimation for how that project will cost.

Superintendent of Recreation Gerry Salvo could not be reached for comment, as of press time.



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