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New zoning ordinance paves way for AvalonBay project

The establishment of a new zoning district is paving the way for the town’s proposed transit-oriented development, known as AvalonBay Harrison, which would be built along the Metro-North train station on Halstead Avenue.

On Dec. 21, the Harrison Town Council approved the establishment of a transit-oriented development, TOD, district and the rezoning of the proposed development to the district. The area for the proposed complex was previously zoned as a central business district, which restricts TODs.

On Dec. 21, the Harrison Town Council approved the establishment of a new transit-oriented development district and the rezoning of the proposed AvalonBay development to that district. Rendering courtesy AvalonBay Communities

As of press time, the proposed AvalonBay development calls for the construction of three, 4-story mixed-use buildings and two pedestrian plazas that will include 142 units of luxury apartments—76 one-bedroom units, 59 two-bedroom units, and eight three-bedroom units—in Harrison’s new TOD district. According to the proposal, the complex will include 136 market-rental apartment units. Seven of those units will be reserved for affordable housing.

Additionally, the multi-family residential complex would include 27,000 square feet of commercial space for restaurants and coffee shops, structure parking in two of three buildings, and infrastructure improvements that will include an underground storm water management system.

The proposed AvalonBay development, which would replace a parking lot that currently holds 260 stalls, would contain a total of 751 parking spaces. According to the proposal, 584 of those parking spaces would be located in the commuter-parking garage, of which 475 of those 584 spaces would be reserved for Metro-North customers.

The proposal estimates that the development would generate approximately $445,012 in property taxes.

According to Mayor Ron Belmont, a Republican, the approval of the new district will finally set in motion a project that dates back as far as the mid-90’s.

In 2012, as part of an exclusionary agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, MTA, which owns the property surrounding the Harrison train station, AvalonBay was selected to develop the site.

With the zoning amendment, the development now only needs a site plan approval and special exemption use permit to begin construction.



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