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3rd Republican enters tax receiver race, will primary

A third registered Republican has told the Review he plans to run for receiver of taxes in November, triggering a crowded field and likely primary for the seat.

Michael Giordano, 55, said he will seek to replace incumbent receiver of taxes Nancy Masi, who plans to retire when her current term ends at the start of 2018, joining already announced candidates Rosa Mastrogiacomo-Luongo and Maria Mioli Pennella, both Republicans. Giordano currently works for Masi in Harrison’s tax office, where he has been employed for 22 years. Prior to that, he had worked for the Bank of New York and Citibank.

Michael Giordano, a 22-year employee of Harrison’s tax office, plans to take on two fellow Republicans in this year’s race for receiver of taxes. Contributed photo

Giordano said he would aim to bring the tax office—which he said was behind the times in some areas—up-to-date with new technologies and approaches. “I have a lot of new ideas that I want to bring to the office,” he said, adding that in his time working there, he has introduced new technologies such as check scanners, helping to modernize the office’s record keeping. He added that he is considering potential deals with credit card companies, allowing residents to pay their tax bills via credit card at a minimal expense. And he said he wants to make the town’s tax roll accessible on Harrison municipal website.

Giordano said that he had first considered running for receiver of taxes last time the seat was up for election in 2013. But he said he was dissuaded by Republican district leaders, who ultimately backed Masi. But this year, the Republican Committee threw their support behind his opponent, Mastrogiacomo-Luongo, who was also endorsed by the Westchester County Independence Party.

“I lost the endorsement by one vote, according to the district leaders,” he told the Review.

Giordano added that he would look to challenge Mastrogiacomo-Luongo in a primary for the right to run on the Republican line in the general election. Both candidates will have to submit 285 signatures of registered Republicans who live in Harrison to the county Board of Elections by July 13 to trigger a primary election, which would then be held on Sept. 12.

Whichever candidate claims victory in the primary would then take on Mioli Pennella, a fellow registered Republican who decided to run as a Democrat, after also losing out on the GOP nomination in favor of Mastrogiacomo-Luongo; Mioli Pennella is also being endorsed by the town Conservative Party. Last week, Mioli Pennella told the Review that despite her party affiliation as a Republican, she did not plan on challenging Mastrogiacomo-Luongo for the party line in a primary, and said she would instead wait until the November general election.

The receiver of taxes in Harrison earns $101,050 annually and is elected to a four-year term. Election Day is Nov. 7.



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